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Over the last couple of months (Nov. - Dec., 2005) I've done a bit of Internet research related to my trip to Ghana. I've come across some great journals posted by visitors to Ghana. Some of the photography quality is professional, and I have enjoyed reading their activities and observations. Just in case you would like to check them out, I'm posting a very informal list in PDF form. Personal Ghana Travel Journals

Here is another informal list of Ghana Government and General Information websites in PDF format.

Homemade toys
Photo courtesy Pat Bennet

It took me quite a bit of Internet research to figure out that my monkey Peewee was a Patas monkey. I found a beautiful photo of one that looks just like Peewee. It was taken by Pat Bennet and I'm useing it here with his permission. Please visit his website and see more of his fabulous photos of Ghana.
Below is a picture of me and Peewee.

Building some shade.
Dad building shade in Boko.

Unlike this wonderful photo, Dad was usually behind the camera.

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