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Leading Mamprusi in Festival
Annually, there is a festival after the fasting period for the Muslims. Beacause the Chief of Kumasi Mamprusi was sick, Sandow led the Mamprusi community to join other ethnic chiefs in a parade. He toured Kumasi in an open car under a very big umbrella. Oct. 2002

Over the last two months I have taken care of all the necessary details for my trip to Ghana. I have airplane tickets, a passport, visa, yellow fever vaccination and certificate and anti-maleria pills. I found some wonderful travel journals posted on the Web. Some have good stories, travel tips and most have photos.

Dad captured a program off the Travel channel called, "Presidential Tour of Ghana with Forrest Sawyer," and sent it to me. Hosted by broadcast journalist and moderator, Forrest Sawyer, "Ghana's President John Kufour, reveals amzing treasures of wildlife, rainforest canopies, beautiful artwork, gold-strewn festivals, crocodiles and pristine white sand beaches." Soon after I watched the tour, Sandow mentioned that he wanted to visit some of these tourist attractions. We are going to create an itinerary after I arrive.

Dad also sent Globe Trekker's, "The Pilot Guide to West Africa - Ghana and the Ivory Coast," with Megan McCormick. For overviews of Ghana's tourist attractions, these are both good sources.

Here are some details of my trip you may be interested in:

Patty's Trip to Ghana, Jan. 19, 2006 to Feb. 3, 2006
Southwest Airline Round trip Houston to San Antonio $112.40
Lufthansa Airline Round trip Houston to Accra with one stop in Frankfurt Germany
Ghana Visa Multiple entry $80.00
Yellow Fever Vaccination with certificate $80.00
Anti-maleria Malarone 250-100: 23 tablets $133.00

I bought my Lufthansa Airline ticket in November and the got the cheapest, earliest flight. I did all my research on the Web. I will fly from San Antonio to Houston on Southwest Airlines, and then fly Lufthansa from Houston to Frankfurt, Germany, then to Accra. There is a six hour difference from Texas to Ghana. I leave mid-day on Thursday, January 19, 2006 and arrive Friday, January 20, 2006 in the evening. I return February 3, 2006.

Shaking hands with the Vice President - January, 2004
This is the caption on the back of the photo: "I am in a hand shake with the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana during the funeral celebrations of the late Nayiri, chief of Nalerigu, when I led a delegation on behalf of the Kumasi Mampruli chief in January, 2004."

Sandow will be in Accra to meet my plane. I promise to do my best with video and picture taking, and I'll post the trip after I return. Thanks for all the encouragement, donations and well wishes!

to be continued...

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